About Me

Amanda Smith

When I started out with canfitpro as a Personal Training Specialist, I discovered how transformative physical exercise can be. This career has been full of experiences to grow as a trainer and as a person. It has been amazing discovering things about myself and how I can contribute to my community by promoting physical fitness.  


Here's what some of our clients have to say:


If you are looking for a personal trainer, I’d highly recommend Amanda Smith. After realizing I needed to lose weight and build up my quads to help my arthritic knees, I sought Amanda’s guidance. She listened carefully to what I felt I needed and after assessing my abilities, structured an individual program I could use on the equipment at the gym.

Taking time with me through my sessions, Amanda patiently taught me how to use the machines safely and advised how and when to increase the weights as I became adept at the level she’d first set out in my routine.

Amanda is a kind, courteous, often funny woman who encourages you to meet your goal. Let her help you!


I took part in the Cardiac Rehab Alumni program but found I needed more. I hired Amanda to show me the benefits of each piece of gym equipment. When asked what my goals were, I replied I needed cardiac exercise, to lose weight and gain better health.

Amanda picked out some pieces of equipment to discuss with me their use and benefits. She pointed out when to increase the weights and repetitions as I became more familiar with each machine.

I lost twenty pounds and felt better than I had in a long time.

I’d recommend Amanda Smith as she knows what she’s teaching, but more importantly, she is easy to talk to for further advice.

Steps to Success

Step One- Define Your Goals:

What are your goals? What is your motivation? On a scale 1-10 how committed are you?

Step Two- Evaluation:

Movement Assessment, Postural Assessment, Flexibility Assessment, Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, Client History, Nutrition Assessment.

Step Three- Program Design:

Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training, Flexibility, Mobility, Balance, and Nutrition- “Healthier Choices more often”. Training Mindset.

Step Four- Implementing the Program:

Teach you the components, Take action and build new habits, provide accountability by encouraging you to keep a daily nutrition and exercise log and reviewing it together weekly. Overcome obstacles together through teamwork.

Step Five- Re-assessment:

At four weeks, six weeks and eight weeks and every six months. I will repeat your evaluation and update your program. And review- What are your successes? What are your challenges? How can we continue to improve your program and results?

Five Reasons to Get a Personal Trainer

  1. To understand your goals and work with you making them achievable and maintainable, highlighting results and keeping you on track.

  2. I will guide you to use Strength, Cardio and Flexibility Training to benefit your body without injury while also providing basic nutrition tips to complement your training program.

  3. I will not only be your coach. I will be your motivator during your session- making every workout your best workout.

  4. As a Certified Personal Trainer I have the knowledge to ensure the workouts chosen for you are the most effective. I understand the necessary requirements of each client and will develop individual programs to focus on your needs.

  5. Improve your day to day life, whether you’re a young athlete, a mother, or recovering from an injury. I can build your strength, endurance or mobility, to make sure you’re at your peak performance.